Project Description

Analytics of Bath Solutions



The total costs for a process are usually closely linked to the service life of the processing baths. A complete bath replacement is not always necessary. A demand-oriented post-dosing of consumed components in the form of an additive, as well as a timely partial exchange of the bath, offer an enormous saving potential and serve for quality assurance.

An important point of our customer service is therefore the analytical examination of the paint stripping or degreasing baths, whether due to problems or for the purpose of a routine check.
On the basis of the results obtained, you will receive an overview of the quality of the bath fluid used and / or in use, as well as advice on possible processing, improvement or troubleshooting.

The following parameters can be checked during the bath analysis:

paint stripping baths:
water content
content of dissolved binder
organic components


cleaning and degreasing baths:
oil content
iron content
carbonate content

photometrische Tensidbestimmung

Photometric determination of surfactant

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