Concepts and products for the metal working-, coating-, food processing- and beverage industry.

  • 1981 Establishment in Moenchengladbach as subsidiary of FOSTER CHEMICALS Inc. USA
  • 1985 Conversion into an independent German company
  • 1993 Change of address to Juechen (close to Duesseldorf) to a site of 12,000 square metres area with a production capacity of 70,000 litres per day
  • 1998 Start-up of a Vacuum Distillation Plant for Recycling of Solvents
  • 1999 First Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001 (Quality-Managment-System)
  • 2000 Addition of a first storey extension to the laboratory with over 1,000 square metres floor area and fitted out with the latest technical equipment
  • 2002 First Certification of the Paint Stripping product range according to Qualistrip
  • 2003 Start-up of an up-to-date water treatment plant
  • 2004 Approval of chromate-free conversion products according to Qualicoat
  • 2005 Increase in the distillation capacity up to 20,000 litres per day

Subsidiaries and Licensees

  • Germany
  • Portugal, USA, India, Italy, United Kingdom

Our strenghts:

  • Low Temperature Degreasing for Strip and Piece-Goods
  • High Efficiency Stripping of all materials with recycling by means of solvent recovery
  • Provision of equipment such as Paint Stripping machines, foaming-agents, dosing-devices
  • Chromium-free Conversion-Coating
  • Removal of inorganic coatings on metals and plastics
  • Supply of innovative electro-plating products
  • High value products for temporary corrosion protection
  • Up-to-date Coagulating and Flocculating Agents
  • Laboratory Analysis and Process-Simulation an integral part of customer order