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Product Overview

Cleaning and Degreasing

Products designed for different cleaning technologies:

  • immersion
  • ultrasonic
  • brushing
  • spraying
  • electrolytical chemical cleaning

Specialized product series, individually developed for cleaning metal surfaces of

  • aluminum
  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • copper and its alloys (e.g. brass, bronze)
  • other non-ferrous metals
metal sheets from coils

We provide special products designed for cleaning of…

  • individual parts (e.g metal connectors, cans, fittings)
  • metal coils
  • wire
  • machinery and facilities

Chela Clean KC-series

  • very strongly alkaline cleaner series
  • suitable for use in both electrolytic and immersion processes
  • ideal product for a wide range of applications
  • liquid cleaner, can be easily dosed by conductivity measurement
  • Particularly effective in combination with suitable tenside- or builder-additives

Chela Clean T2-series

  • liquid, strongly alkaline cleaners
  • suitable for use in electrolytic, dipping and spraying processes
  • ideal products for a wide range of applications
  • liquid cleaners, they can be easily dosed via conductivity measurements
  • Particularly effective in combination with active cleaning products and additives.

Chela Clean Si-series

  • highly concentrated, silicate-containing and alkaline cleaning agents
  • preferably used for cleaning steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and aluminum (low-pickling)
  • product modifications suitable for spray / brush applications and for electrolytically supported cleaning
  • formulations of the Si series can be used as an alternative to strongly alkaline powderous cleaning agents


  • salt and mineral base-free cleaners
  • mildly alkaline
  • including protection against corrosion

Unisurfa N-series and Unisurfa KB-series

  • liquid, highly concentrated neutral cleaners
  • for use in spray washing machines, dipping basins and for “inline” cleaning processes
  • ideal products for a wide range of applications in the metalworking industry
  • products for the removal of particularly stubborn heavy oils and emulsions
  • to increase the dirt-carrying capacity
  • suitable as Additive in a concentration of 0.2-2.0% in addition to strongly alkaline, low builder cleaners
  • suitable as standalone cleaner in a concentration of 3 – 6% for neutral to mildly alkaline degreasing
  • can also be used as a maintenance and system cleaner

Snow White-series

  • middle to highly alkaline, low foaming
  • especially for spray-cleaning
  • silicate containing
  • temperature range: 50 – 70 °C
  • special products for aluminum, stainless steel and steel


  • mildly alkaline, low foaming
  • phosphate free variants available
  • temperature range: 50 – 80 °C
  • special products for stainless steel, steel and non-ferrous metals


  • acid-based products, low to moderately foaming
  • excellent cleaning results for stainless steel wire
  • special products e. g. for ultrasonic cleaning available

Products for food-industry

  • cleaning products for dairy, meet, convenience food and beverage production
  • products only made of kosher and halal-certified components available
  • individual cleaners from all product series named above are also applicable for food industry
  • special product series for specific applications in food production additionally available


  • additives and full cleaners for CIP (cleaning in place)


  • Chlorine containing, bleaching cleaners
  • alkaline products
  • foaming and low-foaming products available

Defoamers / Antifoams


  • for highly demanding applications
  • improving process safety and efficiency
  • siloxane containing or siloxane-free products
  • highly efficient in very low quantities

Paint strippers

Fosters’ Stripper-series

In contrast to sensitive materials such as aluminum and zinc, parts made of steel can be stripped in highly alkaline aqueous media without damaging the material. Foster Chemicals offers the so-called Stripper 303 series for this.

These products are divided into three different sub-series and used at temperatures between 80 and 105 ° C in an aqueous dilution of 40-60%.

Features of the three different Stripper 303 series:

  • Stripper 303 G series:
    • Two-phase in concentrate and dilution
    • Very inexpensive
    • Both foaming and non-foaming products
  • Stripper 303 S series:
    • Single-phase in concentrate / two-phase in dilution
    • Very quick paint stripping
    • Both foaming and non-foaming products
  • Stripper 303 NOS series:
    • Single phase in concentrate and dilution
    • Only for special cases
    • A so-called covering phase forms in the dilution (except for Stripper 303 NOS series), which has the advantages that
      • 1) Little water evaporates from the bath at the high temperatures
      • 2) Stock removal accelerators that are gradually added to the lower paint stripping phase. This significantly increases the service life of the bath.
    • These products are not taken back by Foster Chemicals as they cannot be distilled.


Sensitive surfaces, such as aluminum, zinc, galvanized steel, non-ferrous metals, can only be treated with so-called soft paint stripping agents.

These paint strippers are based on high-boiling, CHC-free solvents with inorganic paint stripping accelerators.

Foster Chemicals offers the so-called stripal series for this.

These products are divided into five different sub-series and used undiluted (without adding water).

As a special service, Foster Chemicals takes back the used stripal products and regenerates them using its own distillation plant.

Until 2020, N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) has been used in our aluminum paint stripping agents, which has recently been classified as reproductive toxic cat. 1b and is listed in the ECHA candidate list. All preparations with NMP from 0.5% are also classified in this way. For this reason, Foster Chemicals now only offers NMP-free products.
These products are not classified as toxic and can be used as replacements without technical disadvantages.


Chemically resistant paints such as 2-component epoxy can be removed with Sulfurex.

It is a very strong paint stripper based on inorganic and organic acids and completely free of methylene chloride and N-methylpyrrolidone.

It is suitable for stripping paint from aluminum, steel and zinc and has a paraffinic covering phase to prevent the entry of humidity. Steel parts must be passivated after paint stripping with sulfurex and rinsing.


Formex a new cold paint stripper based on organic connections but completely free of methylene chloride and N-methylpyrrolidone. It is suitable for stripping paint from aluminum (e.g. rims) as well as steel parts.

It cannot be used for zinc and galvanized parts. It has a paraffinic covering phase in order to avoid the entry of humidity. Steel parts must be passivated after stripping with formex and rinsing.

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