Project Description

Analytics of Surfaces



It is the responsibility of the quality management to monitor the individual production steps in order to ensure the quality of the final product. If, however, a deviation of the quality parameters or even a complaint occurs, a solution must be made quickly. We support you with all our experience in the cause research and questions in the area of the surface texture.

Foster Chemicals offers a range of services to determine the cleanliness of the product to be cleaned. Thus, the metal surface can be checked for residual oil, grease and organic residues by means of the thermoanalytical carbon determination.

Thermochemical analysis of carbon on metal surfaces

Foster Chemicals also recommends that the inorganic contaminants be analyzed on the belt without the material having to be cut out. In this case, the soiling which is present on the strip is absorbed by means of an abrasive slider. In the laboratory of Foster Chemicals, the analysis is carried out photometrically.

Determination of metal removal.

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