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Inadequate removal of zinc phosphate can heavily influence the mechanical properties of screws and fasteners after heat treatment.

Residues of oils, fats and metal soaps often form cracking products when exposed to high temperatures during the hardening process. The decomposition products adhere very strong to the metal surface and complicate further treatment.

Products of the Chela Clean PR Series were developed for complete removing of inorganic phosphate coatings and all forms of oils and fats.

Examination of screws treated with Chela Clean PR products showed complete dephosphating and degreasing even after operating times of several weeks.

Foster Chemicals offers manufacturers of screws and fasteners to check and to optimize their current processes. Our recommendations contain technical as well as economical improvements.

Properties of the Chela Clean PR Series products:

strong alkaline
free of strong complexing compounds
very good degreasing properties

Surfactant additives, defoamers and products for separate degreasing steps are also available.

Steel bolts before and after treatment with Chela Clean PR

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