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Foam Control Systems

Foam Control Systems

In the case of fast, mechanically supported cleaning processes there is always the risk of excessive foam development due to the constant air intake into the degreasing solution. As the service life progresses, this risk is increased by saponification products and concentration of surface-active, and thus foam-stabilizing, components. This can cause to damage to the system, shorten service life, lead to personnel hazards and an interruption of the production process.

This problem is usually counteracted by the use of antifoaming products. When such problems appear the user choses a defoaming product which can be applied manually or with the aid automated metering system. An automated system is often personal-friendly, but leads sometime to high product consumption. A manual dosing, helps to save defoamer, but is usually connected with a higher personnel costs.

The Foam-Control-Systems from Foster Chemicals combine the advantages from both methods. When the probe detects a certain foam heigh, the machine starts to spray defoamer onto the foam surface. As soon as the foam is destroyed, the machine stops pumping defoamer.

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