Project Description

Solvent Cleaners

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Cold degreasing

Cold degreasing – an area of solvent cleaners – is a good alternative to the removal of oils and fats with aqueous products on surfaces which are alkaline and / or acid sensitive. Products for cold degreasing are based on hydrocarbons. They are used at low temperatures.

The oils or fats are removed by dipping, wiping or by spraying considering explosion protection.

Paint Cleaners

Paint shops, lines, and accessories such as grids and painting guns must be cleaned from time to time to ensure their full functionality.

The so-called overspray causes soiling of this equipment and the floor with uncured paints.


Foster Chemicals offers the return of used solvent cleaners, as well as solvent-based paint strippers. For this purpose, we use a separate distillation unit specially designed for the cleaning of cold and paint cleaners.

We use the recovered solvent for new products and dispose of the residue.

Your Advantages

  • customized products
  • comprehensive offer for all cold cleaning tasks
  • free of halogenated hydrocarbons
  • return of the soiled solvent cleaner

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