Project Description

Bath Maintenance



In the attempt to reduce the production costs sustainably, one concentrates correctly on the individual (sub) process steps. In the field of degreasing, the costs include the costs of the cleaning agent used, the costs of the energy to be used (for example bath heating), the costs of the plant cleaning, which may be associated with a production stop, and finally the disposal costs.

Depending on the loading of the degreasing solution, the disposal can become an important cost factor. For this reason, the aim is to keep as long as possible the service life of the cleaning baths by means of bath care, in order to keep the annual costs for a new plant and disposal to a minimum.

For this reason, many customers rely on the use of different bath care facilities, which in individual cases can extend the average bathing time from 1-4 weeks to several months. The bath care is usually carried out with variously designed oil separators, separators and particularly high-performance ultra- or microfiltration systems. In addition to oil and suspended matter, the latter can retain other organic and inorganic bath constituents. In this way, the disposal-relevant COD value is drastically reduced, which allows both re-use and simplified disposal of the purified medium.


Ultrafiltration plant at Foster Chemicals

Foster Chemicals has a filtration system which can be equipped with various membranes. This allows us to incorporate both the pore size and the filter material in the simulation. We determine to what extent fats and oils are separated from the bath. We also specify the extent to which detergent-active components, e.g. Surfactants due to ultrafiltration. The use of the additives required for this purpose is more cost-effective than a additional dosing with the degreasing agent itself.

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