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Building Cleaning and General Cleaning Tasks

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In the building cleaning there are many different objects made of very much different materials, which have to be cleaned.

For this purpose, Foster Chemicals offers a wide range of cleaning agents in order to offer you the right product for your needs. Our product range includes a variety of products for the general cleaning of your floors, surfaces, windows and also the sanitary area.

Floor Cleaning

Especially the floor cleaning is very important in the building cleaning. Dirt (grease / oil, but also dust) and / or rubber from floor-borne vehicles (e.g. fork-lift trucks) is found on the floors in all industrial areas. This should be removed regularly, if possible daily.

For this purpose, Foster Chemicals has developed various cleaners suitable for every application and area in floor cleaning. The cleaners can be used manually or in a floor cleaning machine. For environmental reasons, we try to avoid the addition of pigments and fragrances, because the cleaners usually smell pleasant by themselves. By request, the cleaners can of course also be offered with these additives.

Gebäudereinigung, Bodenreinigung, Bodenreinigungsmaschine, Reinigungsmaschine, Putzen, sauberer Boden, Boden sauber machen

floor cleaning machine in use


For the different floorings and soiling, we offer you specially designed cleaners:

Plastic Floors

The products of the G-Matic series are ideally suited for the cleaning of plastic floors. Depending on the type of pollution, they are offered free of lye or as a lye containing, concentrated floor cleaners. The cleaners are immediately soluble in water, have no harassing odor and are preferably used in floor cleaning machines.

Stone and Concrete Floors

The products of the Citric series are citric acid containing cleaners for stone and concrete floors in floor cleaning machines or for manual use (brush).

Thanks to their special combination of organic acids and surfactants, the products of the Citric series facilitate easy removal of fats, oils and other impurities, such as light lime or rust deposits.


The products of the DDB-SA series are highly concentrated, neutral cleaners for application as tile cleaner and on all other water resistant surfaces. They clean powerful and eliminate even persistent dirt. They even show full effectiveness when used with hard water.

The products of the DDB-SA series contain special substances which cause a refatting of the skin by manual application. The products of the DDB-SA series are diluted with water (warm water preferred) depending on the degree of soiling in a ratio of 1:10 to 1:30.

All-Purpose Cleaning

The products of the Surfaklar series are offered as mild alkaline or alkaline all-purpose cleaners. Due to a special combination of surface-active substances and soil carriers, the products are distinguished by a high cleaning power, low to moderate foam tendency, good wettability and good solubility. The slightly increased alkalinity also makes it possible to remove persistent grease and protein soiling, both in manual application and in cleaning machines.

Window Cleaning

Another very important area in the building cleaning are the windows. After a certain time strong contaminations accumulate, from inside and outside, on all windows in buildings. From the inside, these are mostly dust or fingerprints and from the outside numerous pollutions deposit with the rain.

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manual window cleaning


We differentiate in manual cleaning and cleaning by spraying:

Manual Cleaning

The product Scheibenklar is an alcoholic, neutral cleaner for use on all water resistant surfaces and is used in manual cleaning. In particular, glass surfaces can be cleaned residue-free, whereby a gloss effect is achieved on the glass surface.

Cleaning by spraying

The product Scheibenklar Extra is also an alcoholic, neutral cleaner for use on all water resistant surfaces, but is mainly used in the spraying process. In particular, glass surfaces can be cleaned residue-free, whereby a gloss effect is achieved on the surface. The product cleans powerful and also removes persistent dirt. Even diluted in hard water it is fully effective.

Cleaners for sanitary installations

Sanitärreinigung, Bad putzen, Toilette putzen, WC, Waschbecken

cleaned restroom

The sanitary facilities are a not negligible area in the building cleaning. In all sanitary facilities there are impurities such as urine, deposits of lime or soaps.

For this purpose, Foster Chemicals has developed specially formulated cleaners, which can easily eliminate any contamination in sanitary facilities.


Here, too, we offer customized cleaners for the respective cleaning task:

Cleaners for Washing Rooms

The products of the Bowlex series are strong industrial cleaners, designed for safe and effective usability in cleaning and crust removal in washing rooms, on ceramic tiles and stainless steel appliances.

Toilet Cleaners

The products of the Bravo series are highly effective cleaners for the removal of persistent dirt in toilets, such as urine, limescale, cement veil, soaps, rust and greasy dirt.

Drain Cleaners

The products of the Abflussreiniger series are highly alkaline with selected surfactants.

They easily solve any contamination in drains and can also be used for preventive measures.


Used for effective drain cleaning as well as for elimination of drain blockages in industrial and commercial plants.

Your Advantages

  • wide range of products
  • from acidic to neutral to alkaline
  • products adjusted to your problem resp. the cleaning task
  • strong or low foaming, according to the requirements / application

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