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Cleaning in the Food Processing Industry

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Especially in the handling of foodstuff, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and their industrial production, a high degree of cleanliness is required. The company Foster Chemicals offers a large number of different products for a wide range of applications in the food industry in order to achieve and maintain the high standard. We would be happy to advise you, because especially in this field quality and trust are an essential part of a good and clean cooperation.

Automatic Cleaning

The automatic cleaning is mainly used for the cleaning of large bowls (transport boxes). Foodstuff (e.g. meat or bakery products) are transported in these large bowls. The foods leave e.g. fat, blood and protein contamination in the boxes so they must then be cleaned in a spray washing machine.

spray washing machine for large bowls, cleaning of boxes, industrial spray washing machine
spray washing machine for large bowls


The company Foster Chemicals offers you alkaline, chlorine-containing and acidic cleaners for the washing machine:

Chlorine-containing products

The cleaners of the DW series are highly alkaline, contain bleaching lye and are very effective.

For the prevention of limestone generation, the product Komplex DW should be added in the subsequent rinse when using DW products.

Chlorine-free products

The products of the DS series are specially formulated acidic cleaners for the food processing industry. They must not be mixed with the chlorine-containing detergents of the DW series!

DS products are particularly suitable for cleaning in automatic washing machines. When using DS Series cleaners, no product is required to prevent the generation of limestone.

Manual Cleaning

The products for manual cleaning are used to remove soaps, fats and protein residues from various surfaces.

Cutter, Herstellung von Fleischmasse, Fleischzerkleinerung
cutter for the production of a meat mass


Here, we offer customized cleaners for the respective cleaning tasks:

All-purpose Cleaners

Heavy impurities are treated with a strong all-purpose cleaner of the Surfaklar series.

These products are offered as mild alkaline or alkaline general purpose cleaners. The slightly increased alkalinity also allows the removal of persitent grease and protein contaminations, both in manual use and use in cleaning machines.

Aluminium and Stainless Steel Cleaners

The products of the FAL series are specially formulated acid-containing cleaners for the surface cleaning of aluminum and stainless steel parts for manual use. Effectively they remove light and heavy grease, protein, limestone and lime soap deposits. Discoloration of aluminum parts can also be easily removed with products from the FAL series.

Floor Cleaners

Depending on the type of pollution the products of the G-Matic series are offered as free of lye or as lye containing, concentrated floor cleaners. They are immediately soluble in water, have no harassing odor and are used in different areas.

Window Cleaners

The products of the Scheibenklar series are alcoholic, neutral cleaners for manual application on all water resistant surfaces. In particular, glass surfaces can be cleaned residue-free, whereby a gloss effect is achieved on the glass surface.

They cleanse powerful and also eliminate persitent dirt and have full effectiveness even in hard water.

Tile Cleaners

The products of the DDB-SA series are highly concentrated, neutral cleaners for application on all other water resistant surfaces. They clean powerful and eliminate even persistent dirt. They even show full effectiveness when used with hard water. The products of the DDB-SA series contain special substances which cause a refatting of the skin by manual application.

Steaker Cleaners

The products of the Foam Soap series are mildly alkaline cleaning concentrates for removing greasy impurities and can also be used as foam cleaners with the aid of commercially available foam-generating devices. The stable foam cover gives the cleaner sufficient time to penetrate the oil and grease deposits of heavily soiled parts.

Personal Hygiene

In all areas of processing and packaging of foodstuff, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, the risk of contamination of the goods by touch with the hands is extraordinary big. Therefore, a thorough hand cleaning of the staff is a prerequisite for a hygienic work.

Handreinigung, Handdesinfektion, hygienische Handreinigung, Hygiene, Händewaschen
hand wash basin with thigh operation


Foster Chemicals has developed various products for hand cleaning:

Hand Wasching Lotion

The products of the Milo series are liquid high quality hand soaps with re-greasing properties. The soap foams pleasantly and remove even strong contaminations of proteins and fats. After washing, the hands must be thoroughly rinsed and dried.

Hand Cleaner

The products of the Alkodes series are alcoholic products used for residue-free cleaning of the hands and work surfaces in the industrial sector.

Foam Cleaning

Foster Chemicals offers foam cleaners for various applications. In addition to the products, stationary and mobile foam stations (so-called “chemistry dosing trolleys”) are also offered, with which the products can be optimally applied (see also “Foam Stations / Foam Cleaning” under the heading “Machines”).

foamed-in room, foaming, device for foaming, pressure lance
foam cleaning with the device for foaming
foamed-in room, foaming, device for foaming


The choice of the right cleaner depends on the application. Our experts will be pleased to advise you on the selection of a foam cleaner suitable for you.

Lime and Protein Removers

The products of the FAL and Citric series are acid cleaners. They easily remove all limescale and protein deposits.

Smoke Resin Removers

The products of the Foam Soap series are effective smoke resin removers. These cleaners have very good foam stabilizers, which are responsible for a high constant foam that adheres to surfaces of vertical walls and ceilings. The products of the Foam Soap series effortless remove adherent resin in cold and hot smokehouses.

Foam cleaning with chlorine

The products of the DW-S series are cleaners based on active chlorine. Compared to the Wint Mint series, they are very cleaning-active, can be combined with lye and are economically priced.

Foam cleaning without chlorine

The products of the Wint Mint series are cleaners based on quaternary ammonium compounds without any chlorine content.

Cleaning of Plants and Equipment (CIP)

The large modern manufacturing plants in the food industry require a special approach to the cleaning task. The machines and pipelines are generally not removable, but still have to be cleaned practically daily. The solution is the so-called CIP (Cleaning in Place) process, which enables efficient and economical cleaning.

During smoking or grilling, resin and incineration residues are generated. These are difficult to remove.

Depending on the water hardness unattractive and hygienically unacceptable water spots are formed on stainless steel surfaces very quickly.

In addition, we offer products for the removal of road pollution, e.g. on delivery vehicles, but also on floors or tiles.

CIP, CIP-cleaning, CIP cleaning, CIP process, Cleaning in Place
CIP (Cleaning in Place)
smokehouse, foamed-in, cleaning smokehouse, smoke resin removal
foamed-in smokehouse


For all these applications, Foster Chemicals offers specially formulated cleaners for the removal of all contaminations:

CIP Cleaners

CIP Additive is a neutral, concentrated additive. It is ideal for the cleaning of machines and pipelines. It is immediately water soluble, has no unpleasant odor and is used throughout the food industry.

When cleaning pipelines in connection with caustic soda, the CIP additive is used in a concentration of 1-5%.

Smoke Resin Removers

The products of the Foam Soap series are highly alkaline cleaners, for use as a smoke resin remover or steaker cleaner in the food processing industry.

The cleaners contain very good foam stabilizers, which are responsible for the high constant foam, which adheres to surfaces of vertical walls and ceilings.

The products of the Foam Soap series remove effortlessly adherent resin in cold and hot smokhouses and incineration residues on the grill or steaker.

Stainless Steel Cleaners

Citric S is a citric acid cleaner for stainless steel surfaces.

The special effective combination of citric acid with special surfactants enables the removal of lime and other impurities.

The product is only composed of organic components, biodegradable and thus far more environmentally friendly than other products used for these purposes.

Outdoor Cleaners

The products of the TOP series are mildly alkaline cleaners with a combination of effective complexing agents. Together with very active surfactants, they are very effective in cleaning and removing road pollution.

TOP products penetrate the dirt very quickly and intensively, without damaging painted surfaces, glass, chrome, rubber, aluminum, steel, etc. The dirt can then easily be removed and rinsed effortlessly. As a high-pressure, spray and floor cleaner, the TOP series is ideally suited for the cleaning of cars, trucks, canvas covers, floors, engine rooms, underfloor, workshops and machine parts.

For all applications, a rinse with clean water after cleaning is necessary.

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