Project Description

Cleaning of Piece Goods

Stückgutreinigung, Stückgutentfettung


The production and preservation processes of the piece goods require a thorough cleaning of the surface in order to enable the subsequent processing steps and the use at the end customer. The interfering impurities include machining oils, drawing greases and other lubricants, preservation oils as well as metal particles from machining processes. These are quantitatively recorded for comparison purposes by an abrasion measurement or by the thermal carbon analysis. The individual degreasing agents from Foster Chemicals GmbH are tailored to the material to be cleaned, the degreasing plant as well as possible restrictions due to succession processes.


Foster Chemicals has a wealth of experience in general degreasing. We have special expertise in the cleaning of steel and aluminum parts. Specially adapted cleaning modifications enable the handling of non-ferrous metals and galvanized material.

gereinigte Aluminiumdosen

Cleaned aluminum cans


The consideration of individual requirements is indispensable for an excellent cleaning result. In consultation with the customer cleaning is done with strongly alkaline, neutral or acidic products (Chela Clean, Unisurfa or FAL series). For an additional cost saving, splitting of the degreasing agents into two components is possible. Depending on process parameters as well as plant parameters, Foster products can be optimized for immersion, spraying or brush cleaning as well as for electrolytic processes. For this, laboratory and pilot plant experiments are adopted to customer specifications.

Laboratory scale cleaning of piece goods

The subsequent long-term test at the customer’s site can lead to further product modification. Sometimes changes are necessary due to the aspects of foam development, disposal problems, maintenance, bath care and the service life.

Comparison of laboratory tets and field tests

Comparison of the cleaning results from the the laboratory with operational tests

Your Advantages

  • A material and system-oriented solution for every degreasing problem.
  • Immediate technical support
  • Optimization of the overall costs of a process: energy costs, disposal costs, plant cleaning costs
  • Further complementary products from a single source.

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