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In the case of mechanically supported cleaning processes, in particular in the case of spraying, brushing and electrolytic processes, there are strong turbulences and considerable air entry into the cleaning solution. This can lead to excessive foam development when used together with the surfactants and saponification products from the removed oils. As a result, there is a risk of disruptions and interruptions in the degreasing process, the risk to employees and damage to the cleaning system. A further danger of excessive foaming is the permanent carry-over of the degreasing solution into the subsequent basins. This results in an additional contamination of the baths, which considerably shortens the service life. Due to the frequent change of the bath, the process costs are increased immensely.

In such situations the use of foam inhibitors and antifoaming agents is unavoidable.

A simple test shows how quickly and effectively a defoamer suppresses the foaming of an aqueous solution.

laboratory scale foam test


Foster Chemicals GmbH offers a variety of defoamers for many applications. A classification into siloxane-containing and siloxane-free products is possible. However, all defoamer-products from Foster Chemicals are free of siliconoil. The wetting properties remain unaffected. Available are the product modifications of the antifoam series S, 40, 50 and 6000. We would be pleased to advise you in the selection of a suitable defoamer for your application.

The advise on the type of defoamer suitable for your application is carried out in our laboratory.

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  • Wide range of products.
  • Products adapted to your problem setting or the defoaming task.
  • Stable processes, longer service life, lower process costs.

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