Project Description



As a special service, Foster Chemicals provides a filter module for the desludging of stripping baths based on Stripal products.


It consists of a stainless steel box with two connections (milk tube screw connection), one for the inlet of contaminated paint stripping agent and one for the drain of the cleaned agent. In addition, there are skids at the bottom so that the box can be transported with a fork-lift truck. There are also nine filter cartridges in the filter box, each of which is equipped with a filter bag made of alkaline and solvent-resistant material. Each bag holds about 100 kg of paint sludge so that the customer can remove about 900 kg of sludge with the total box.

Foster filterbox, filtration module, filterboxes


Place the filter box on a frame so that the drain is above the liquid level of the paint stripping bath. As a result, the cleaned liquid flows back into the bath by free fall. If the box is completely filled with paint sludge, you have to send it to Foster Chemicals. We clean the box in our plant and then make it available to you again. So you do not need to worry about the disposal of the paint sludge from the stripal baths.

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