Project Description

Foaming Stations for the Food Industry

foam cleaning, foaming device, foaming

Foam Cleaning

Daily cleaning and thus hygiene is the “A” and “O” in the food industry. The so-called foam cleaning, the most commonly used surface cleaning in the food-processing industries, has proven itself to be the best solution for this task. Foam provides a longer contact time on the surface and therefore a thorough cleaning without manual rework.

In addition to our extensive range of products for the cleaning industry in the food industry, Foster Chemicals GmbH offers you suitable cleaning equipment for foam cleaning, so-called foam stations. These include, in addition to stationary equipment, mainly mobile foam stations (so-called “chemical dosing trolleys”), which can be simply connected to the centralized pressure water supply already present in your company. A matching foam lance for optimal foam formation, as well as a pressure lance for rinsing is of course included.

We would be pleased to advise you on the selection of the foam station suitable for your needs as well as the products necessary for an optimal cleaning result. Our technical sales department will visit you on site and check the technical requirements.

foam cleaning, mobile foaming station, foaming station
mobile chemical dosing trolley for connection to centralized pressure water supply

List of the features of our foam stations in extracts:

  • robust design in stainless steel
  • connectable to all pressure cleaners from 8 bar operating pressure
  • suitable for pressure cleaning, foam cleaning and disinfection
  • Hose reel for a maximum of 40 m pressure hose
  • available as universal station with two separately adjustable chemical dosages (foam cleaner and disinfecting agent) and single lever control or with so-called combijector with adjustable chemical dosing
foam cleaning, mobile foaming station, foaming station
connection with mobile hose reel
foam cleaning, mobile foaming station, foaming station
connection with stationary hose reel
Schaumreinigung, Verschäumer, Verschäumung, Einschäumen, Schaumlanze
foam lance in use
completely foamed room

Your Advantages

  • products and equipment from a single source
  • purchase or rent of the equipment possible

Do you have questions?

We would like to advise you and explain the characteristics and advantages of our products.

Employees of the technical sales service clarify the characteristics of your equipment on site and take up the working parameters.

Make an appointment for a technically oriented presentation.