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Disinfection and Cleaning of Hands

Disinfection and cleaning for Hands

Disinfection of Hands

The application is carried out by  rubbing onto the skin, then followed by drying the hands.
For best results, the hands must be cleaned and dried beforehand.
Alkodes products are available in the following containers: 1000 liter IBC, 200 liter drum, 30/20/10/5 liter canister and 1 liter bottles.
disinfectant for hands

Hand disinfection with products of the Alkode- series — easy, reliable and gentle to the skin.

Cleaning of Hands

Products of the Milo series have been developed for thorough and gentle hand cleaning. They reliably remove oils, greases and solid dirt particles and leave a moisturizing protective layer on the skin after use.

Hand cleaning

Cleaning hands with products of the Milo-series – quickly, thoroughly and efficiently.

Your Advantages

  • Many years of experience with products for cleaning and hand disinfection

  • Hand disinfection according to WHO recommendations

  • Everything from a single source – cleaning and disinfection of hands

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