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Paint Stripping Equipment

Foster spraying and rinsing module, spraying equipment, spraying machine, paint stripping equipment

Equipment for chemical stripping and after-treatment

In order to grow further in the area of ​​chemical paint stripping and to open up new markets, Foster Chemicals offers not only the successful distribution of chemical paint strippers but also the associated engineering technology in the form of paint stripping equipment.

If you have decided to give your mis-painted parts not to stripping companies and thus save money or expand your plant capacity, you can also purchase the following equipment:

Spraying machines

The Foster spraying machines are so-called single chamber compact systems made of stainless steel. These machines are mainly suitable for small parts e.g. rims. In addition, they have the advantage over conventional dipping systems that they increase the stripping speed by the spraying pressure. This is up to 6 bar. The machines do not pollute the environment and the employees by fumes, because the machines are closed.


The paint stripping agent (passivation / de-rusting agent) is transported from a tank via a pump and sprayed onto the material to be stripped (to be passivated / de-rusted) by nozzles. Then it flows back into the tank via a filter. In the system, the medium is circulated until it is consumed.

Dipping system

In addition to the spraying machines, you can also purchase at Foster Chemicals a very cost-effective dipping system in stainless steel for chemical stripping.

These system is equipped with various accessories such as basket, insulation, indirect heating, filter, etc.

The standard system has the dimensions of

Length: 1400 mm

Width: 750 mm

Depth: 700 mm

Foster dipping bath equipment, dipping equipment, paint stripping equipment

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