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Paint Stripping

half-stripped aluminum rim, half-stripped aluminum wheel, paint stripping


Paint stripping is a very important area of ​​the surface treatment, because up to 10% mis-paints are produced at painting of parts. For the user there is one question now, whether he scraps or strips these parts, and then returns them to the painting process. As often very high-quality parts are painted, a paint stripping and repainting is worthwhile.


We offer products for the stripping of metals, plastics, wood and other surfaces. The stripping processes are based on the chemical reaction of the paint with our paint strippers. We have also specialized in the distribution of the coresponding system engineering in the form of spraying machines so-called stripping modules. The experiences we gain from the stripping process run into the further development of existing paint stripping chemicals and machines and new developments.


The stripping can be carried out by various methods. These are the dipping, spraying and ultrasonic procedures. We offer foaming products for the dipping and ultrasonic and non-foaming products for the spraying, which are optimally adjusted for the respective process.

Dipping system for paint stripping
Spraying machine for paint stripping
Ultrasonic tank for paint stripping


Sensitive surfaces, e.g. Aluminum, zinc, galvanized steel, non-ferrous metals, can only be treated with so-called soft paint strippers. These paint strippers are based on high-boiling, CHC-free solvents with inorganic stripping accelerators.

In contrast to sensitive materials, such as aluminum and zinc, parts made of steel can be stripped in highly alkaline aqueous media without material destruction.

Plastic stripping is becoming increasingly important because plastics are increasingly recycled. However, in order to be able to recycle them, they have to be freed of impurities, such as paints, prior to granulation. Another area is the re-painting of mis-coated plastics. Paint stripping of these materials is worthwhile if the costs for new plastics exceed the paint removal costs. Examples of this are bumpers made of PP-EPDM or car- mirrors made of ABS.

The removal of furniture or shutters from wood requires a material-friendly working method. Wood parts are often stripped by spraying, so that the contact time with the stripping agent is as short as possible. In addition, an after-treatment of the de-coated wood with a neutralizing agent is particularly important.

We consciously do not use CHP-containing products such as methylene chloride.

Soft paint stripping of a piece of wheel
Wheel paint stripping in pilot plant

For all types of surfaces, we offer paint strippers.


As a special service, Foster Chemicals GmbH provides the return and recycling of the solvent based paint strippers so-called soft paint. To do this, fill the used paint stripping medium in 1000 liter IBCs and we pick up these IBCs by a dangerous goods transport. We then clean the contaminated medium by our own distillation unit and return the clean solvent to the production process. Thus the question is superfluous

“How do I dispose of my used soft paint stripper?”

Distillation unit for soft paint remover (paint stripper on solvent basis)

Your Advantages

  • customized products
  • comprehensive offer for all types of paint stripping
  • return of the contaminated paint strippers on solvent basis and distillation
  • sales of special equipment
  • decades of experience in chemical paint stripping
  • continuous development of the products with regard to quality, cost and work efficiency


Our customers are paint stripping companies, paint shops, rims restoration companies, automotive suppliers and others.

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