Project Description

Rust Removal, Descaling and Corrosion Protection


The corrosion protection of steel and iron, as well as the removal of corrosion products, presents the metalworking industry with great challenges. In addition to economic, process engineering and environmental challenges, the technical requirements of the customers also play an important role. Foster Chemicals offers a wide range of products for all areas concerning these problems.

Rust Removal

The de-rusting process must be adapted not only to the degree of rusting but also to the subsequent processec. For the rust removal of steel and iron, Foster Chemicals offers acidic, neutral and alkaline products.

Acidic De-Rusting

In most cases a quick and eficient removing of medium andstrong rust have to be performed with strong inorganic acids.

For this purpose Foster Chemicals offers theD-Rust HD Series products.
Degreasing additives and inhibitors are also available.

Properties of D-Rust HD Series products:
highly acidic
quick derusting
removing of very strong rust possible.

For removing of mild and medium rust with simultaneous temporary corrosion protection products from the D-Rust TP Plus Series are recommended.
These products are particullary suitable for derusting of hooks and suspension gear after a paint stripping process

Properties of D-Rust TP Plus Series products:
highly acidic
temporary rust protection
the protection layer is not removable

Alkaline De-Rusting

For derusting in strong alkaline solutions Foster Chemicals offers the D-Rust 97 Series products.
These products are well suited for removing of slight and medium rust without danger of hydrogen embrittlement.

properties of D-Rust 97 Series products:
strong alkaline
good degreasing properties
no danger of hydrogen embrittlement

Neutral De-Rusting

Derusting in a neutral solution can be performed wit hD-Rust N Serie products.
The D-Rust N products are appropriate for removing of medium or strong rust at very mild conditions.
properties of D-Rust N Series products:

very good derusting properties
temporary rust protection
protection layer can be easily washed off with water


The oxide layers on steel surfaces caused by heat  can be removed by treatment with D-Rust NK products. Since hydrogen generation does not take place in the neutral range, these products represent a good alternative in the descaling of hardened or sensitive steel parts.

Corrosion Protection

In order to protect steel parts from rusting during storage and transportation a corrosion protection product has to be applied.
Although the application of oils give good protection against rust this process is costly and the steel parts have to be cleaned with a heavy duty cleaner before further processing.
The application of temporary corrosion protection products is much less expensive and generates a protection layer which can be easily removed with water or a mild cleaning product.
The corrosion protection remains effective at least four weeks if the parts are stored indoor.
For temporary corrosion protection of steel Foster Chemicals offers the Korpas Series products.

properties of Korpas products:
mild alkaline
can be washed off with water
temporary rust protection
with some products the steel is paintable without loss of quality


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