Project Description

Simulation of Technical Processes



Not infrequently, there is a conspicuous discrepancy between the laboratory scale measurements and the cleaning result achieved by the end customer in the area of cleaning and degreasing. One of the many reasons for this is the so-called scaling problem. This describes a situation in which the enlargement of a system leads to deviating results despite corresponding scaling of all process parameters as observed in the output system.

In order to counter this possible problem, the process simulation can be carried out by means of a pilot plant in questionable situations.

Process simulation in the pilot plant.

The tests in the pilot plant link the cleaning results in the laboratory with the achievable results in the operating test. The reaching of the desired parameters is thus confirmed and ensured again.

However, due to decades of experience in the field of cleaning, the laboratory tests at Foster Chemicals have already been designed in such a way that a high level of realism is achieved.

Comparison of the results in the laboratory, pilot plant and in the operational test.

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